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SMART Exchange for IWB

15 Sep

The SMART Exchange is an online community that provides professional training and resources for the SMARTboard Interactive whiteboard. Educators have access to a range of interactive materials to learn about the features of SMARTboard and can also download lessons and interactives to use in class with their students.

The site is user friendly and teachers can search for resources by year level, subject or file type. Check out this manipulative for teaching division – this is just another great example of how ICT can be used to enhance learning of difficult concepts.



Cybersmart – Online Safety

13 Sep

I have just completed the Cybersmart Outreach Professional Development Modules online. This online course provides the tools required to become aware of some of the potential risks and ‘glitches’ associated with using digital technologies in the educational environment and provides some great resources to assist teachers to develop an education plan for using ICT safely and responsibly.

I highly recommend this site to any educator. The online modules introduce teachers to a range of different technologies that are being used by our children, and stresses the importance of understanding the implications of technology in relation to cyberbullying, sexting, cyberstalking, and a range of other new age issues that have arisen as a result of interacting with modern technologies.

The website provides a host of interactive and multimedia resources to support educators in teaching students how to use digital technology in a safe and appropriate manner. Lesson Plans and resources can be used proactively to directly teach students about cybersafety or can be used in reaction to an issue that has arisen in class such as cyberbullying. 

The important message in these modules is that cybersafety is a partnership between parents and teachers, and that a whole school approach to cybersafety that introduces policies and frameworks for using technology should be an integral part of digital education.

Take this Lollipop!

12 Sep


WOW! ‘Take this Lollipop’ is a must watch for every parent and educator. It paints a very stark picture of the dangers of the internet for young children! With the growing use of social media and other online public platforms , the need to teach children about cyber ‘stranger danger’ is essential. The interactive video, written and performed by Bobby Jameson, whilst sensationalised presents a very real threat to our children in the digital age. 

Teaching children how to use social media and the internet safely and responsibly should be fundamental to any Information and Communication Technology programme. And this education should extend to parents who may be unaware of these dangers due to a lack of experience with technology themselves.


The 5 E’s Model

5 Sep

Thanks to Shireen for sharing her thoughts on the 5 E’s Model. I am also using this model for my science unit of work and found the diagram provided very useful! 



The Primary Connections website also has a great explanation of the 5 E’s Learning and Teaching model which has been very beneficial for developing my unit plan.

The 5 E’s model aims to build on student’s prior knowledge through inquiry learning and hands on experiences to build a deeper understanding of science and other curriculum subjects.

The instructional model includes five phases of learning ENGAGE, EXPLORE, EXPLAIN, ELABORATE and EVALUATE to extend student knowledge from the known to the new and provide a deep level of understanding about their worlds.

Critical and Analytical thinking skills are developed using this approach to teaching and learning, as students are required to explore concepts for themselves with teacher guidance, and are required to explain and evaluate their findings. This type of learning fosters the type of thinking that can be applied to new situations and sets students on the path to become successful and lifelong learners!


More Resources….

3 Sep

Thanks to fellow student and blogger Pamela Jory for sharing the Sunshine Online Website. This has a range of digital levelled readers which can be shared with the class via the interactive whiteboard.

This would also be a  great resource for reading groups, as students that need additional support can use the online resource to scaffold their reading without the teacher present.

The website also has activities that relate to each of the stories, which allow students to respond to each of the texts or to create their own digital stories. This is a great way of integrating ICTs into the student’s learning as they explore digital texts in an authentic context!


3 Sep



A digital tool that I would like to explore more is voicethread.  This looks like a fabulous resource for presenting and recording ideas, and for collaborating and sharing with others. I was drawn to this tool because of the way it could present multiple ideas from students in the one presentation – and being able to record audio lended itself to younger students.

This would be an effective tool for creating a KWL chart or even brainstorming student ideas using a visual stimulus. Perhaps I will be able to explore this technology whilst on prac with Year One.

Another great feature of voicethread is the option to produce digital texts in a private setting with the option to share publicly in a safe educational environment. This allows students to collaborate with others from around the globe in a highly monitored environment that is controlled by the educator.



School Visit

3 Sep

I recently visited the school where I will be doing my professional experience and had the opportunity to spend some time with the students. It was lovely to meet them all and I am now looking forward to the experience and learning all that I can from my mentor during the three week period.

The digital resources are limited to the Interactive Whiteboard and students have access to the school computer lab for one hour, once a week if they are lucky! While I was hoping to have access to more resources many schools in my local area are probably in a similar situation with limited technology.

The teacher will be introducing the topic – Wet and Dry Environments and integrating English outcomes throughout the unit by engaging students with different text types.

I would love to hear your ideas for using the technology available to introduce some effective ICT activities and experiences!


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